Sara Landeira is a senior designer based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Since 2010, she works at studio De Designpolitie and for the international conference What Design Can Do. Next to that, Sara is often involved in independent projects and open to collaborations with other creatives.

Her work is all about creating iconic and strongly communicative visuals, always supported by original ideas. In the formal part of the design process, eye for detail and a thorough execution are of great importance.

This portfolio showcases a selection of projects for all sorts of off- and online environments, such as visual identities, campaigns, books, magazines, websites, way finding, editorial illustration, environmental design or photography art direction.

Quick tour
Here’s an activist campaign, a flexible visual identity, a yellow book, a funky font and some mysterious portraits.

• Gold, for What Design Can Do campaign – European Design Awards, 2015
• Jury prize, for What Design Can Do campaign – European Design Awards, 2015
• Silver Lamp, for Frascati Issues campaign series – ADCN Awards, 2015
• Bronze Lamp, for What Design Can Do campaign – ADCN Awards, 2015
• Nederlandse Huisstijlprijs, for What Design Can Do visual identity, 2012

• Jury member of ADCN Awards 2017 (as ADCN Members Jury)

• Jury member of ADCN Awards 2016 (as appointed Professional Jury member)
• Featured work for Designpolitie in Dude Magazine (BNO, 2015)
• Featured work for Designpolitie in 100 Beste Plakate (Hermann Schmidt Mainz, 2014)
• Jury member of the BNO (Association of Dutch Designers) Infographics Awards 2014
• Workshop leader of Memory of a Zine at Amsterdam Zine Jam, 2014

For more details and CV, visit Sara’s LinkedIn profile.
To get in touch, send an e-mail to

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